The California Air Resources Board requires certain emissions-related aftermarket parts to be evaluated and to receive an A.R.B. Executive Order to be legal for sale on motorcycles used on public highways.

Fuelpak EX has been granted an A.R.B. Executive Order (No. D-632-1) permitting its use on the following Harley-Davidson models;

part no. applications
61001G 2007-08 Softail with smaller than 200mm rear tire
61003G 2007 Touring
61005G 2007-08 Dyna, 2007-08 VRSC
61007G 2007-08 Sportster, 2007-08 Softail with 200mm rear tire
61009G 2008 Touring
61011G 2008 Softail Rocker

Fuelpak EX settings are limited to 2007-08 Harley-Davidson models used in conjunction with exhaust systems and engine parts that qualify as replacement parts or have received an A.R.B. Executive Order only. Please refer to Fuelpak EX setting charts available on the DOWNLOADS page as a guide to determine what combinations of motorcycle and aftermarket parts are permissible for use with Fuelpak EX.

Fuelapk EX works in conjunction with your motorcycle´s factory oxygen sensors and provides improved fuel delivery at higher RPM and throttle openings.