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Map Lookup

Use the drop-downs below to indicate how your bike is configured. Once each drop-down has been selected, pressing the "Lookup" button will give you the string of numbers to be entered into the Fuelpak.

STEP 1     Bike Mfg.
STEP 2     Bike Year
STEP 3     Bike Model
STEP 4     Exhaust Mfg.
STEP 5     Exhaust Model
STEP 6     Baffle Type    HELP
STEP 7     ECM Calibration    HELP
STEP 8     Engine Type    HELP
               Air FilterFuelpak maps are optimized to run on High-Flow air filters, but will also run on Stock models. NOTE: When using a Stock air filter, your bike may run slightly rich until you upgrade to a High-Flow air filter.


Updated Map Search

For new and existing customers we recommend checking our database from time to time for any possible updates. If you should find any discrepancy between your printed info that came with your fuelpak unit and what is on the website please refer to the values listed on the web site as they are always the most up-to-date and should take precedence over the printed values.

Important Information About Modes

Modes When Required:

Please NOTE: Input all values for each mode designated in the map on the website or paperwork, DO NOT omit any values when applicable.

Diagnostic Mode Explanation:

Mode 36: Adjusts AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) for warm idle – a positive number increases the amount of fuel and a negative number will decrease the amount of fuel. Changes are made in real-time, so you can adjust this number with the engine running and immediately see the results of your changes. This will change AFR at warm idle only, it will not change the AFR at other operating conditions.
Mode 51: Fuelpak Software version level.
Mode 52: Throttle Calibration Verification – the number here should show 0 with your hand off the throttle, increase as you twist the throttle and count all the way to 99 at full throttle.
Mode 53: Displays RPM while the bike is running – an “11” would mean “1100 rpm”.

High Flow Air Filters

The Fuelpak and the Fuelpak maps will work with all makes and models of air intakes including but not limited to: Screamin Eagle, Arlen Ness, K&N, Kuryakyn etc.

Exhaust Part Number

When looking up your map online or your paper packet, use the exhaust part number when possible, and if this is not found, use the name and/or title of the exhaust to find your map.

Fuelpak Applications

When installing the Fuelpak from one bike to another (when applicable), the Fuelpak will not leave any trace behind nor is it married to the bike in any way. The Fuelpak is easily moved from one bike to another. Different Fuelpak models have different harness lengths and/or different connectors. If you want to move a Fuelpak to another bike, it is recommended you check the application page first to be sure it will fit on the new bike.